CONTACT: Augmented Acoustics

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Using an acapella from Sage Francis, No Bird Sing.



Cover art for Cage’s Depart from me by Alex Pardee.  The album itself doesn’t really compare to “Hell’s Winter”, but certainly has some stand out tunes on it worth checking.



Cannibal Ox - Pigeon

Cannibal Ox’s classic song Pigeon is profound in many ways. The poetic lyricism work perfectly with the extremely potent guitar laced instrumental. This song represents the epitome of abstract/poetic hip-hop, and it’s my second favorite song off of their masterpiece 2001 album The Cold Vein. Def Jux founder El-P produced the whole album by himself, and I firmly believe that The Cold Vein's instrumentals still represent El-P's all time best production and some of the greatest abstract instrumentals ever made. Also, not only was this the only collaborative album of Vast Aire and Vordul Mega, but the best abstract hip-hop album of all time. Also, if you’ve never noticed, The Cold Vein one of the vinyls I’m holding in my blog’s logo. It will always have a special place in my heart.

Vast Aire recently said that Vordul Mega and him are currently making their second Cannibal Ox album. I personally can’t wait!


My Song Rating: 9.9 out of 10


Aesop Rock - Daylight


Ryoji Ikeda, The Transinfinite, Park Avenue Armory. New York, NY, 2012

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isaiah rashad - ronnie drake feat. sza


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